A Star in the Sky: 10 Luxurious Celebrity Jets

Forget first class, these 10 planes are the only way to fly in true luxury
A Star in the Sky: 10 Luxurious Celebrity Jets

Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons/ Phinalanji/ CC BY-SA 2.0

Don't be fooled by the commercial paint job, this plane is actually owned by a famous movie star.

If you haven’t read the handbook on how to be a ridiculously rich celebrity, your major purchases should go in this order: jewelry, car, house, island, plane.

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That’s right; believe it or not, private planes actually cost more than most islands. Of course we’re not talking about little two-engine prop planes here — but large, luxurious jets that don’t cost millions of dollars, but tens of millions of dollars. Even more unbelievable is the fact that celebrities we know and love (or know and loathe, in some cases) can actually afford these beauties. Some sultans or CEOs may have bigger planes, but this article will instead focus on the most famous of names and faces. After all, what’s the point of jealousy if you’ve never heard of the person at whom your jealousy is directed?

Although the people on this list sadly don’t get to experience the gentle of caress of a TSA agent when flying commercial like the rest of us, we can’t feel too sorry for these 10 celebrities after viewing their high-flying, tricked-out transportation.

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