Hotel Concierge Secrets

15 Things Your Hotel Concierge Won’t Tell You

You’d be amazed at how much your hotel staff knows and how much they can do for you
Hotel Concierge Secrets

Hotel concierges are experts in their local area and their industry.

The travel industry is vast and ever-growing. It’s also rapidly changing, and every sector has been affected. With the rise of Airbnb and its amazing vacation homes, hotels in particular have had to adapt. As a result, it’s often hard to discern just what lies under the surface at the best hotels and how exactly one should navigate them in order to get the most out of your stay.

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You’ll make all sorts of mistakes while vacationing, but one that you should definitely avoid is underutilizing the hotel concierge. In addition to checking you in or out and addressing any common concerns, a hotel concierge can help you with quite a bit — whether it’s helping you figure out your itinerary, recommending a great date spot, or even hooking you up with some amazing experiences. Many people don’t know this, however, as it isn’t exactly information that concierges usually advertise. Concierges are experts not only on the area they’re working in, but also on the hotel industry as a whole. You’d be amazed at the kind of knowledge they have, which is why we’re here to tell you these 15 things that your hotel concierge might not.