Poll: Which Unique Hot Dog Would You Travel For?

Do you fancy a hot dog with star fruit relish, or one that’s been cut up and tossed into French fries?

Photo Modified: Flickr /Christopher/ CC BY 4.0

These potato-encrusted hot dogs are certainly worth traveling for. 

While we may consider some hot dogs “creative,” those same hot dogs are perfectly standard in other parts of the world. Which begs the question: Which “creative” hot dog are you most willing to travel for?

We chose five hot dogs from our list of 15 Unique Hot Dogs From Around the World, and want you to tell us which one you are most willing to buy a ticket for. We’re not encouraging you to shell out a few hundred dollars for a hot dog… but we sort of are. Hey, as long as you travel somewhere and expose yourself to a different culture, we’re happy; it doesn’t matter what makes you decide to do so.

Take a look through our slideshow. Are there any other hot dogs you’d travel for? If so, let us know by tweeting @thedailymeal or leaving a comment below.

Here are descriptions of the five hot dogs we chose:

Completo, Brazil

Brazil is lenient with what they call hot dog toppings; items like quail eggs, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, cheese, marinara sauce, and shoestring fries are not unheard of. A Brazilian completo includes mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, corn, peas, tomatoes, onions, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and fries, at the least. Additional fillings could include mashed potatoes, chicken, cream cheese, ground meat, and/or olives.

French Fry Corn Dog, South Korea

South Koreans like to batter this dish, also called “gamja dog,” with potatoes and then fry it on a skewer; the end result is similar to a corn dog, but with an interesting shape that’s reminiscent of Cubist sculpture. They are often topped with ketchup, but some versions use mustard or just plain sugar.

‘Hot Dog,’ France

Is it a hot dog or is it a croque monsieur? Neither; it is a “hot dog,” a hot dog baked in a baguette with Gruyère cheese, that comes with either ketchup or a mushroom-based sauce. 

Puka Dog, Hawaii, USA

Tucked into mini loaves of bread, puka dogs contain pineapple (or pineapple relish), of course, and are accompanied by a spread of tropical items like guava mustard, star fruit relish, and garlic lemon sauce.

Salchipapas, Peru

The Peruvian take on hot dogs offers a deconstructed approach: sliced beef sausage, similar to German wurst, tossed into a generous helping of French fries.