Poll: Which Country Do You Wish You Could Travel to for the Food?

Sometimes, no matter how great a restaurant or home-cooked meal, you just need to travel somewhere for a particular cuisine
Which country do you wish you could travel to for the food?

Pozole is a spicy dish you can eat in Mexico.

Food is most authentic in its place of origin, for a number of reasons.

For one, the produce of a particular dish are native to its climate. Most of us can agree that eating local food is not only sustainable, but also delicious. Secondly, who could make the dish better than the people who have inherited recipes that have been in their families for generations? Lastly, while globalization has allowed us to sample so many cuisines of the world, plenty gets lost in translation. For example, there is a lot of Chinese food you won’t find in China, because American Chinese restaurants cater to U.S. tastes.

Let us know which of the following countries you want to travel to the most — just for the food. 

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