'Mickey: The True Original Exhibition' Reinterprets An Icon

When you think of American iconography, few things come to mind before a certain little black, white, red and yellow fellow: Mickey Mouse. This year, the cartoon character who launched Disney into the spotlight turns 90. And Mickey isn't being celebrated just through festive Oreos and candies — there's also a new art show in New York, fittingly called "Mickey: The True Original Exhibition."

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Opening on November 8, the exhibition celebrates the impact that Mickey Mouse has had not only in the realms of animation, cinema, TV and theme parks but on the world at large.

As you walk through interpretations of Mickey's life, you see him grow from a black-and-white, gloveless whistling steamboat captain to the leader of the ultimate pop culture group, the Mickey Mouse Club.

The experience leads guests through all of the key moments in Mickey Mouse's history. After getting a peek at Walt Disney's honorary Oscar for creating Mickey Mouse, guests enter in through a "Steamboat Willie"-themed room, complete with a full-size vessel.

There are also stunning scenes representing Mickey's first-ever short ("Plane Crazy"), his first color short ("The Band Concert"), his full-length feature phenomenon ("Fantasia") and the mouse's effect on artists and homes across the globe through street art and merchandising.

The exhibition is full of surprises and new twists on the classic Mickey we all know and love as well as plenty of Instagrammable moments and scenes. Because what's the point of going to an art exhibition if you're not posting it online?!

"Mickey: The True Original Exhibition" is located at 60 10th Ave. in New York City and is set to run through February 10, 2010. Tickets are $38 and can be purchased here. It is whimsical, colorful, imaginative and everything you know Mickey Mouse to be and just another reason to visit New York City this holiday season.