Mexico Airlifts Food to Part of Country Rich With Food History

The Oaxaca region, a popular food destination, has been cut off to commercial traffic from the outside by protestors
oaxacan food

Wikimedia Commons / Thelmadatter / CC BY-SA 3.0

Delicious food like this is now somewhat hard to come by.

These are strange times indeed for the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The region known for its varied and interesting cuisine is currently a little short on food.

The Mexican government will begin to airlift food to the state, cut off from the rest of the country by protesters. The protesters, who are composed of a radical teachers union and groups supporting them, are allowing private vehicles to pass through, but are stopping commercial trucks. They are protesting education reforms enacted by the government, which has refused to repeal those reforms.

Two flights a day will run to the Pacific coast of Oaxaca by the government. In addition, more food will come from neighboring Guerrero and Veracruz by truck.


It is interesting that Oaxaca is the subject of these food airlifts. The region is sometimes referred to as a capital of world cuisine, thanks to its diverse, interesting flavors. The diversity comes from the region’s incredible biodiversity; the mountain ranges running through the province dissect it into multiple microclimates, while the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico also influence the climate of the areas by the coast. It’s one of the best food-lover destinations for honeymooners, and it’s easy to see why. However, you might want to put a hold on that dream trip with the protests going on.