London’s Best Street Food Slideshow

Skip the restaurant and check out these delicious trucks and carts

Anna Mae’s Southern Street Food

Described as "Southern comfort food," Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese is bringing a little taste of the American South to London and has fast become legendary. A food truck in the most traditional of senses, Anna Mae’s doesn’t have a permanent home, but its website is kept well updated with where you can get your mac and cheese fix.

Big Apple Hot Dogs

Big Apple brings street food back to basics, serving great hot dogs hand-made in London. With a street cart located on Old Street Tuesday through Friday, Big Apple can also be found out and about at festivals and other London locations with what they call a "guest dog" on the grill, and are definitely worth checking out if you want a simple, quality dog.

Hix Fish Dog

Mark Hix is currently one of the biggest names in the British restaurant world, but it’s his famous Hix Fish Dog served from his truck that has been setting the street food circuit alight. First introduced at Jamie Oliver’s "Feastival" in 2012, the Fish Dog consists of fried, battered fish, tartar sauce, and Brit favorite mushy peas all packed into a hot dog bun.

Breddo’s Tacos

Tacos, along with all things Mexican, are only really just taking off in London, and Breddo’s is leading the way. They pride themselves on unusual flavors and sensations, bringing "unfavored" cuts of meat into the spotlight, and can be found every Saturday at Netil Market and at various other food-centric festivals. If you’re feeling brave, try a "chilliback": a shot of tequila with a pickled habanero juice chaser.

Yum Bun

A street-food joint that became so popular they now have their own restaurant, Yum Bun’s specialty is pillow-soft steamed buns filled with a simple and delicious array of fillings. Pick from pork, mushroom, beef, or fish, each with a careful selection of accompanying fillings, and at just £6 (about $9) for two, why not try them all?