A Japanese Company has Invented a Disappearing ‘Water Cake’ that Must Be Eaten in 30 Minutes

This cake is literally made from water from the Japanese Alps

It’s safe to say that we had no idea this was even possible. 

Not that long ago, American palates were swept up by the invention of a certain hybrid pastry that led to hours-long lines just to try a bite. Remember that? For not a small amount of time, it seemed like the Cronut represented some sort of apex of dessert creation, for which Dominque Ansel received lots and lots of attention.

But now, in the year 2015, we’ve discovered a whole new dessert onto which we’re willing to transfer our obsessions.

Enter the “water cake,” known in its native Japan as the mizu shingen mocha, a cake that looks exactly like a giant drop of water and is indeed made from water from the Southern Japanese Alps, which has been “solidified just enough to give it a shape,” according to Rocket News 24. Made by the Kinseiken Seika Company, the cake is a “variation” on the company’s classic shingen mochi cake.

The water cake is available at only two Kinseiken shops in Yamanashi Prefecture.

However, the cake is a fleeting masterpiece that must be consumed in 30 minutes before it disappears. According to the Rocket News 24 taste test, “it was very soft, and the cake itself tasted like sugar-flavored jelly, but the flavor of the kinako powder and brown sugar was quite strong and seemed to overwhelm the taste of the cake.”