Italian on Trial for Chocolate Theft

An Italian man is going to trial over a bit of chocolate
Wikimedia/Andre Karwath

An Italian judge has ruled that a man will go to trial for stealing $9 worth of chocolate. 

Some crimes are too small to pay attention to, but in Italy that apparently does not include shoplifting small boxes of chocolate, because a Genoa man is actually going to trial for lifting a box of chocolates.

According to The Local, a 28-year-old man is scheduled to stand trial for stealing some chocolate, despite the fact that his whole alleged haul was only worth 8 euros, or $9.

Prosecutor Nicola Piacente reportedly asked for clemency for the defendant on the grounds that he had no previous criminal record and the total theft was not even worth $10. Sending the case to trial would be a drain on Italy’s already excessively busy justice system, the prosecutor said, and $10 of chocolate wasn’t worth the efforts.

Lawyers representing the grocery store where the chocolate was stolen, however, reportedly wanted to see the case go to trial, and the judge agreed with them that it was worth the time to try, so the man will stand trial for petty theft and faces jail time for the theft.

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