Guzy Goes to Cuba

Guzy Goes to Cuba
Michaela Guzy

If you want to travel to Cuba contact WOWCuba.

The adventure with WOWCuba began in the buzzing Santa Clara at the final resting place of Che Guevara - a model of what the passionate, artistic, warm and spirited Cuban people stand for, before heading out on bikes into the rural heartland of the country- dotted with acres of sugarcane, ox drawn plows, views of the Escambray Mountains and a few unexpected surprises... including crashing into the back of her cameraman while trying to take a selfie. A not so subtle reminder to always wear a helmet!

Cuba has so much more to offer than just the beautiful untouched beaches, rum, music and steamy nightlife- though when you've had enough of your bike seat and the countryside, they are worth checking out.

While travel for tourism is still prohibited, charter flights from Miami, New York and New Orleans are available if fitting into the 12 approved travel categories. If you fit within one of them or have specific travel logistics questions, contact WOWCuba. Michaela's Map: Intro to Cuba is a great travel resource and Cycling Across Central Cuba is just part two in a three part Cuban series. For more important travel information, check out OhThePeopleYouMeet!

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