Famous Landmarks The Locals Hate

People don't like change, generally, so it should come as no surprise that famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Washington Monument were initially met with much opposition during their initial planning and construction. Over time, however, public outrage cooled, and many famous structures that were once reviled are now among the most beloved and iconic landmarks of their respective cities. Today, hitting the top of the Eiffel Tower is a bucket list experience, and the Washington Monument is one of many attractions that makes Washington, D.C., such a patriotic destination.

Famous Landmarks the Locals Hate Gallery

Other landmarks, however, never have the fortune of finally receiving the love of their people.  Disapproval can sometimes remain throughout the lifetime of a structure, occasionally even growing worse as time goes on and local attitudes toward historical and political events change. This sentiment often eludes visiting tourists, who excitedly snap photos of these famous spots — which can further upset locals. In fact, some landmarks go from being accepted or even loved to downright hated because of the swaths of tourists who come to see them, thus inconveniencing the locals who are either trying to live their lives or enjoy their city for themselves. As you don't want to be that tourist, perhaps you'd do best to skip the following attractions. Whether it's due to the history behind them, the sheer ugliness, or even just the fact that they bring in too much tourism, you'd be surprised how much these famous landmarks are hated by locals.

Matt Sulem contributed to this article.