Hollywood Studios’ 30th Anniversary Treats Include a Kylo Ren Cupcake, Sorcerer Mickey Cake

The treats celebrate everything about Walt Disney World’s third theme park
Kylo Ren Cupcake Disney's Hollywood Studios 30th anniversary
Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is celebrating something big this year. No, we’re not talking about the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We’re talking about the Orlando theme park’s 30th anniversary. Yes, Hollywood Studios (formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios) will turn the big 3-0 on May 1. And how else would Disney celebrate other than by releasing a line of new treats and drinks that commemorate the past, present and future of Hollywood Studios?

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Though the new treat selection is notably light on cupcakes, the most stunning snack in the Hollywood Studios celebration lineup is, in fact, the Kylo Ren Cupcake. The chocolate sponge cake with peanut butter filling is topped with a hyper-realistic chocolate Kylo Ren figurine, which is surrounded by shimmering silver chocolate rocks. The entire dark side cupcake is completed with the villain’s signature red lightsaber.

Come August 29, when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on the East Coast, the park’s transformation into a destination for Star Wars fans will be complete. More snacks for that immersive new land are forthcoming, but in the meantime, fans of a galaxy far, far away will be able to indulge in that cupcake as well as lightsaber-inspired churros, which have been featured at Star Wars celebrations at Walt Disney World before.

lightsaber churros

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

The Star Wars treats, of course, represent the future of Hollywood Studios. But the theme park’s storied past is also well represented. Disney theme park fans will remember the massive Sorcerer Mickey hat that sat in front of the Chinese Theater from 2001 until 2015. The icon, while divisive, is still fresh in the minds of those who visited the parks during this time period — but not as fresh as the Sorcerer Mickey lemon sponge cake. Sitting on top of a crisp cookie and coated in a shiny white chocolate glaze, this treat is the perfect nod to what once was.

Sorcerer Mickey Cake Hollywood Studios 30th

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

While Hollywood Studios has a lot to honor in both its past and future, the present state of this park on its 30th birthday is also well represented. A Playful Luxo Ball banana sponge cake with a mango mousse and an Incredibles-inspired macaron with one red shell, one black shell and smooth yellow mango filling represent the new Toy Story Land and Incredibles area at Pixar Place.

Luxo Ball Mousse Incredibles macaron

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

And because no birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are both featured on festive celebration cakes with playful marshmallow toppings and candles set playfully askew.

Mickey and Minnie Celebration Cakes

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

Other treats for Hollywood Studios’ 30th birthday include a tres leches verrine, a lemon cheesecake verrine, a raspberry mousse verrine and two alcoholic cocktails rimmed with a shimmering rose gold sugar. While these treats will be available starting May 1 for a limited time only, you can go to the theme parks at any time to try some of Disney’s most iconic snacks.