Chinese Flight Attendants Auction Hundreds of Kissed Apples

The flight attendants have sold several hundred apples already at $20 per apple and higher, mostly to men
Chinese  Flight Attendants Auction Hundreds of Kissed Apples


The priciest apples have reportedly been kissed by more than 500 flight attendants.  

A fundraising campaign on behalf of the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation in China is offering a special prize to lucky bidders who must not be of the germophobic variety — apples kissed by cute flight attendants.

On Taobao, the Chinese equivalent to eBay, the school is auctioning off apples that have been kissed by more than 500 flight attendants. The apples, which first sold for around$1.50, have reached $20 per apple and continue to rise. On their auction page, female flight attendants have also shared pictures of themselves kissing the apples and posing suggestively with them to inspire more bids. 

According to the website Weird Asia News, the money will go toward “a few worthy causes,” like supporting a local nursing home, as well as helping more students “realize their career dreams.”

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A representative for the vocational school has reportedly confirmed that most of the buyers have been men. The girls have sold more than 350 apples so far, and attracted offers from fruit vendors to hawk other kinds of produce.