Bermuda Bounces Back as a Food Lover’s Destination


Bermuda Bounces Back as a Food Lover’s Destination

A few snapshots of the Hamilton Princess Hotel and the food at Marcus should be enough to convince you to book your flight to Bermuda ASAP.


Hammock at a Private Beach

Take the hourly shuttle to a gorgeous private beach about 20 minutes away from the black">Hamilton Princess Hotel.


The Burger at Marcus

Don’t leave Marcus without trying this happy-making burger with aged Cheddar, smoky bacon, “rooster sauce” and Parmigiano-Reggiano fries.

Fire Pit Roasted Chicken

This fire pit roasted chicken is exemplary, cooked perfectly, and placed atop corn, tomatoes, and brioche croutons with a yuzu shallot dressing.

Fish Chowder Bites

It is hard to argue with golden fried puff balls of delight known here as “fish chowder bites” and served with a rum aïoli.


There’s something fabulous about lounging luxuriously in the saline infinity pool. 

‘Jamerican’ Veal Porterhouse

This porterhouse is pricey (at $65, with collard greens and carrot purée) but mighty tasty.