9 Trip Ideas for Food-Loving Dads

Skip the necktie and gift Dad with a vacation his palate will love

Take a wine-loving father to Portugal's Douro Valley.

This year, why not treat Dad to a vacation that will make this Father’s Day stand out among all the others? After all, there are few things greater than the combination of food and travel. While Father’s Day is celebrated on different days and in different ways around the world, good food is always a given. Here are nine trip ideas your Dad will love.

9 Trip Ideas for Food-Loving Dads (Slideshow)

Normally, when we think of dads and food, beer and grilling come to mind. While that may be true of many dads, there’s more to Father’s Day than hot dogs and hamburgers and IPAs. There are many kinds of food-loving dads, and they all need to be celebrated. Therefore, we have not framed our article as a general list of places dads would like, based on conventional ideas of what Dads like; instead, we’ve selected places based on food preferences. For example, dads who love seafood should head to Huntington Beach, California, for incredible beachside eating. Of course, we do recommend destinations for dads who love beer and meat, but the list hardly stops there.

While it would be awesome — and, in many cases, completely doable — to travel to the following destinations two weekends from now, on Dad's Day itself, many of these trips require advance planning. Instead of whisking Dad away for a weekend in Asheville, North Carolina — just a few hours’ drive for some of our readers — you might choose to give him an envelope with plane tickets in it. We highly doubt your father would disapprove of either option.

If your Dad is a gourmand, you might be interested in reading about how famous chefs plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year. While some chefs, like Geoffrey Zakarian, will travel as far as Niagara Falls this Father’s Day, others, like José Andrés, are visiting their local farmers market. If you’re not up for traveling to one of these fantastic destinations this month, then consider making some of these cocktails or menus at home.

Remember, the most important thing on this day is spending time together, no matter how picturesque the backdrop — though an incredible setting most definitely helps!

For Dads Who Love Beer: Asheville, N.C. (USA)

Last year, NPR referred to Asheville, North Carolina, as the “Napa Valley of beer.” The small city has 20 breweries, and while Asheville Beer Week (from May 22 to 30) just passed, you can still get tickets for the Brewgrass Festival, a beer and music festival during which you can sample a diverse assortment of craft beers from 50 national and local breweries. However, at any time of the year, you can enjoy up to 100 different local brews, as well as excellent chocolate, doughnuts, and pizza, making it the perfect spot for a last-minute weekend trip here with Dad this Father’s Day. They don’t call it “Beer City USA” for no reason.

For Dads Who Love Coffee: Portland, Ore. (USA)


While Seattle may be the birthplace of second-wave coffee, Portland offers more of an artisanal scene. Take your dad to a class or free coffee tasting at The Annex, one of the six Portland-born Stumptown Coffee Roasters locations in the city, or head to the Olé Latte Coffee truck to buy a “suspended coffee” — which is when a customer buys a coffee for someone else, and what they purchase gets put on a chalkboard hanging from the truck for another person to claim. Travel + Leisure named Portland America’s best coffee city in 2014.