9 Local Bites of Central Europe

Get a taste of the best local eats in Central Europe

Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

You can’t get more Austrian than the beloved wiener schnitzel. For the most authentic schnitzel around, we recommend you head to Figlmüller. Figlmüller’s boasts some of the most tender and crispy schnitzel in the world. With a side of fries and a large beer, this is Austrian cuisine at its best. Guten appetit!

Pelmeni in Moscow, Russia

Influenced by the song "Natalie" by Gilbert Bécaud, Café Pushkin serves Russian delicacies inside a transporting Baroque-style mansion. If you happen to come across Café Pushkin, come in for a hot chocolate to warm up from the cold, but definitely stay for their pelmenis, the Russian take on dumplings. Pelmenis come with all kinds of fillings and toppings, and Café Pushkin is the place to enjoy them all.

Borscht in Kiev, Ukraine

In the center of the city of Kiev, you’ll find this picturesque restaurant offering the best of Ukrainian hospitality and cuisine. They have an extensive menu and attentive waitstaff, and the food is well worth a visit. Just make sure you save some room for their borscht, a traditional beet soup. It’s the best around! A trip to Kiev wouldn’t be complete without eating this classic soup at least once, and the place to do it is O’Panas.

Goulash in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city filled with rich history and tradition. Whether you go on a river cruise on the Danube or explore the baths, make sure you fill up on hearty Hungarian goulash to get you through your travels. Café Kör offers gourmet dining in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Whether you come for breakfast, dinner, or drinks, make sure to try their goulash. It’s stew-pendous! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Svíčková in Prague, Czech Republic

Svíčková, or marinated beef sirloin, is one of the most popular Czech dishes. The portions at U Veverky are generous, and the price is right, too. Order a large Czech beer with your meal and you’ll feel right at home with the locals. Enjoy Prague the right way at U Veverky.  

Cheese Fondue in Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss are known for their good taste, their discretion, their spectacular mountains, and of course, their cheese!  If you really want to enjoy what Switzerland has to offer, don’t leave without trying some authentic Swiss fondue. Café du Soleil is one of the oldest restaurants in Geneva and offers the best fondue around. For a classic take on this favorite dish, Café du Soleil is at your service. 

Pierogi in Warsaw, Poland

If you like pelmeni, then you’ll love pierogi, the Polish take on dumplings. Boiled or fried, savory or sweet, Zapiecek has a pierogi for every taste. For lunch, dinner, as an appetizer, or a snack, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for a taste of Poland and find yourself in Warsaw, be sure to order a plate of pierogi at Zapiecek.  

Strudel in Innsbruck, Austria

Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, served with ice cream or whipped cream (or both), strudel is an Austrian treat that is now popular all over the world — and for good reason. Café Sacher offers some of the best strudel in this Austrian alpine town. Bask in the beauty of Innsbruck and come to Café Sacher for a coffee and piece of world-class strudel. 

Kompot in Odessa, Ukraine

Kompot is a traditional Eastern European clear juice made from boiled fruit. It reminds many Ukrainians of their childhood. For a modern take on this classic drink, come to Kompot in Odessa. Right in the heart of this wonderful city, you can enjoy breakfast or just a refreshing glass of this classic drink. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life with a glass of Kompot at Kompot in Odessa.