8 Vegas Bars No Visitor Should Miss

Bars are a dime a dozen in Vegas, but here are 8 unique must-visit watering holes you can’t find anywhere other than Sin City

Join the Dark Side...for drinks!

If there’s one thing Las Vegas has no shortage of, it’s bars (and also hotels, and casinos, and restaurants…) But attempting to rank the best bars, or even come up with a list of the 10 best, is no easy feat. Personal preference is a big factor, of course, but there's another issue: while hotels and restaurants are rated, ranked, and given awards by reputable authorities and the general public alike on a regular basis, accolades for bars are rare.

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One must also consider the large divide between locals and tourists, who often do not frequent the same establishments. Residents usually look for bars with pleasant atmospheres, reasonable prices, and routinely reliable service. Visitors to Vegas are  usually more interested in flash, excess, and in-your-face fun. In short, tourists look for an only-in-Vegas experience. (Of course, it’s not like residents don’t enjoy some of these places too — after all, they’re a blast!)

That is what this list will tackle. Where can tourists go to be wowed? Where can they go to be surprised, or even shocked? Where can they go for the most memorable experiences? In short, what bars best epitomize Las Vegas and all that it promises (and usually delivers)?


We searched the strip and combed every corner of Sin City for exactly this type of place, and compiled a list of eight of the weirdest, wackiest, and most wonderful bars in town. If you’re a tourist in Las Vegas, these places simply can’t be missed.