8 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots of 2016

Celebrities are on the move in 2016; here are their top 8 vacation destinations
8 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots of 2016


See 8 of the beautiful places where "the beautiful people" are taking their vacations in 2016.

If celebrity Instagram accounts are any indication, the only thing famous folks enjoy more than showing the world photos of themselves is showing the world photos of themselves while on vacation. Browse through the social media pages of models, musicians, sports stars, and actors, and you’ll find an endless amount of trip pics featuring sand, sun, surf, and a whole lot of smiling faces.

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Now that it’s summertime, more and more people around the world are going on trips, and celebrities are no exception to this trend. It may only be July, but that still means we’re more than halfway through the year, and some travel trends are starting to emerge.

Although you might not be able to exactly duplicate the lavish getaways of some of these celebrities, their trips still offer useful vacation ideas, and at the very least provide the opportunity to live vicariously through the wealthy, beautiful people of the world. (Although we’re sure you, dear reader, are probably just as beautiful.) With that, here are the eight hottest celebrity vacation spots of 2016.

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