8 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now: 6/18/2013 Slideshow

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Mommy’s Kitchen — Red, White, and Blue Skillet Cobbler

Mommy’s Kitchen has been going since 2008, is void of the "fancy schmancy," and is a creative outlet for her baking and recipe sharing. Here, Mommy’s Kitchen gives us an eye-pleasing recipe for red, white, and blue skillet cobbler.

The Cooking Actress — English Muffin Bread

The Cooking Actress is made up of some strong Italian, German, and Irish food influences, and loves to share her food obsession with others. In this post, a recipe for English muffin bread has us ready to try this at home.

Delicious Dishings — Paris Eats: Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes

Delicious Dishings is obsessed with food, in every way possible. After she started her blog as an outlet for talking about food (her friends and family may have helped her in this idea), she now obsesses over sharing recipes, feedback on recipe testing, and more. She is happily settled in her dream job as a copy editor for America's Test Kitchen, editing Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, and all of the special issues of both magazines, as well as marketing and web content, and being able to blog and share all of her findings with you. Here, the second night of a food-filled trip to Paris is recounted with price, details, and pictures.

My Catholic Kitchen — Garlic Oven Fries

My Catholic Kitchen is a blog by Veronica, "a Catholic, mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend" who started this blog to chronicle her life. She loves freshly baked bread, Krispy Kreme donuts, good coffee, fried chicken, and the entire category of comfort food. She also loves cooking, photographing her creations, and sharing them with you. Although "a work in progress," she invites you to share in her journey. In this post, garlic fries are the center of attention — a recipe for a perfect crowd-pleaser. 

Cupcakes & Cutlery — Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Dessert, Décor, and Cocktail Ideas

Cupcakes & Cutlery aims to bring a California casual vibe to your family with her collection of original and curated content from around the Web. In this post, a gorgeous display of inventive décor and food gives some inspired ideas for putting together our summer bashes.

Stir and Strain — Fruit & Dagger Cocktail

Stir and Strain blogs about cocktails, "recipes, growing stuff, making stuff, and drinking stuff." One mission was to integrate seasonally appropriate ingredients into all cocktails, something which she admittedly, sometimes forgets to do. Here, Stir and Strain continues their Mixology Monday, and brings us a gorgeous cocktail we can’t wait to replicate.

Oatmeal with a Fork — Frosted Brownie Cupcakes

Oatmeal with a Fork, run by Lauren, "a business graduate with a penchant for all things culinary," aims to create healthy recipes, without compromising taste. In this post, Oatmeal with a Fork provides a recipe for delectable brownie cupcakes that even pack in some zucchini.

Blondie & Brownie — Day-Tripping to Philly

Blondie & Brownie, the chronicle of two girls’ adventures in food, shares with you the ins and outs of their every-food-filled-day. In this post, Blondie & Brownie recaps a food-filled day trip to Philly.