50 Things To Do In California That Aren't Disney Or The Beach

California has it all. There are mountains, deserts, forests, lakes, oceans and celebrities. If the only things you can think of to do are go to Disneyland or the beach, you're not thinking hard enough. California is the third largest state in the U.S., and every part of it has something to do.

50 Things to Do in California That Aren't Disney or the Beach

You could always start from the bottom of the state and work your way to the top. That way you'd cover it all: the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park; Los Angeles and its many celebrity and shopping activities; the gorgeous sights of Solvang and Carmel in the middle of the state; the jewel of California — the Bay Area — and the newly cool Sacramento; plus every gorgeous national and state park in between.

No, you won't see Cinderella's Castle or get bothered by shopkeepers on Venice Beach, but you'll hike mountains, get some great photo opps in front of eye-catching places like Lombard Street and the Golden Gate Bridge, or learn about the history of some pretty haunted houses. It was easy racking up 50 things to do in California, because there is just so much going on in the Golden State.

So grab your family, your friends, or whoever you're traveling with and show them this list. You don't have to be stuck in a two-hour line for the Haunted Mansion! There are 50 other things to do in California that aren't Disney or the beach.