5 Ways to Tell Your Folks You’re Not Coming Home for Thanksgiving

It’s not easy, but there is a way to break the news to your parents that you won’t make it home this year
Facebook/Bar Boulud London

Here are five ways to tell your parents you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving.

We’ve all been there: Thanksgiving rolls around, things are a bit tight perhaps, or maybe you’ve become seriously involved with someone, and you just can’t make it home this year. It’s heartbreaking, we know, but there are ways to nicely break the news to your folks.

If you’re in college: Tell them you have a huge project coming up, and you want to do really, really, really well and make them proud. Send them a Thanksgiving card.

If you’re overseas: Tell them you’ll Facetime them during Thanksgiving dinner, and you’ll sit with some cold-cut turkey on your plate and eat with them.

If it’s just too difficult to swing: Tell them that as much as you’d love to get home for Thanksgiving, the plane tickets are just too much. Then send them a food basket to make up for it.

If you’re dating someone: Say something like, “Since we always have so much more fun over Christmas, I said I’d go to [insert significant other’s name here]’s house for Thanksgiving.” Then, send them some cookies.

If you’re hungover: Blame Thanksgiving Eve. Then, take a selfie of your hungover self and send it with the hashtag #partypooper (warning: this will only work with very understanding family members).