35 Best Caribbean Restaurants for a Late-Season Getaway

Expect delicious food during an unexpected season for Caribbean travel

José Andrés' Mi Casa, located in a Ritz-Carlton in Dorado Beach, offers everything from breakfast to dinner to in-room dining.

Winter and early spring are prime tourist time in the Caribbean, but in late spring and early summer, the weather is beautiful and the prices are coming down for some late-season Caribbean dining.

In late fall, the winter months, and early spring, when the much of the United States is chilly — if not downright arctic — vacationers flock to the warm, relaxing islands of the Caribbean. When the weather starts to warm up, the islands may not be the first place people think of when they want to get away.

However, savvy travelers know that there's a sweet spot in April, May, and June, before things get hot and humid in those paradisiacal climes, when hotels start posting discount rates, airfares go down, and the best restaurants of the region — and there are plenty of those — are less crowded.

Here, then, are 35 top Caribbean restaurants from our recent 101 Restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean — places just waiting for your visit.

35. The Cliff (Barbados)

The Cliff bears a resemblance to the bow of a ship.

A picturesque restaurant that bears a resemblance to the bow of a ship, The Cliffin Barbados is one of the most beautiful and cinematic restaurants in the Caribbean. Liverpool-born chef Paul Owens’ menu changes frequently, but you can count on char-grilled meats and seafood including mahi mahi and swordfish, and spellbinding dishes like Caribbean shrimp in Thai green curry coconut sauce with coriander rice and fried basil; savory snails in puff pastry with chive cream sauce; and even vegetarian items like an open ravioli of char-grilled vegetables with pesto and tomato-basil coulis.

34. La Guarida (Havana, Cuba)

This hidden gem Cental Havana in run by husband-and-wife duo Enrique and Odeisys Nuñez.


Its appearance in the Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate isn’t the only reason that discerning diners head to this hidden gem, run by husband-and-wife duo Enrique and Odeisys Nuñez, in central Havana. This paladar (a small, family-run restaurant typically located inside a home that gained legal status in Cuba in the early 1990s) is tucked up three flights of rickety stairs at the top of a dilapidated turn-of-the-20th-century residential edifice at 418 Concordia. La Guarida’s whimsical setting, which stretches through three small rooms, is adorned with autographed celebrity photos. Start off with the eggplant caviar before moving on to sea bass in coconut reduction and chicken with honey and lemon sauce. Reservations for lunch and dinner are essential.