15 Coolest Coffee Shops Around the World

We celebrate National Coffee Day (Sept. 29) and International Coffee Day (Oct. 1) with the 15 coolest shops in the world

San Francisco's Sight Glass is one of three entries from the United States.

As any hipster will tell you, great coffee isn’t just about the taste of the brew, it’s also about how cool you look (and feel) while drinking it. Whether or not you actually subscribe to this philosophy, it’s hard to deny that there truly is a coolness factor at work in almost every coffee shop. Folks today (especially in the younger generations) won’t settle for getting their fix from any old gas station or cart — unless it’s some kind of hip food-truck-like cart, of course.

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But what makes a shop cool?

It’s hard to quantify a descriptor like this, but since drinking coffee is a popular social event, the shops herein need to have a good crowd, a pleasant atmosphere, and a well-designed interior, in addition to stocking a variety of high-quality beans from all over the world and having the option to brew them via your preferred method with an appropriate amount of skill and respect.


If a shop excels in these criteria, it likely found a way onto this list. Bonus points if the staff members aren’t snobs about it.