10 Things Only People From Hawaii Say

The archipelago of Hawaii is incredibly isolated, being 2,390 miles away from the United States mainland and, in the other direction, about 3,850 miles from Japan. Throughout many years of working together on sugarcane plantations in the islands, English-speakers and non-English-speakers together developed their own language in order to communicate with one another. This creole language is officially known as Hawaii Pidgin English, or just Pidgin to the local islanders.

Things Only People From Hawaii Say

Pidgin and English are the two official languages of Hawaii. What with its distinctive culture, unique language, mainland isolation, and tropical landscape, it's easy to forget that Hawaii is indeed one of America's 50 states.

Listening to locals speak can sound like gibberish to a Hawaiian outsider, but this list of things only people from Hawaii say will keep you from scratching your head on your next visit. Heads up, Hawaiians have dropped the word "the" from their vocabulary, replacing it with "da," and say "kine" to mean "kind."

Read on to find out what "those grindz broke da mouth" means.