10 Strategies To Help You Sleep On An Overnight Flight

Very few people actually enjoy long, overnight flights. You're cramped into a steel tube for many hours, with your only freedom being the chance to take a short walk down a narrow aisle in the course of which you will be constantly avoiding beverage carts, flight attendants, and fellow passengers. But at least a long flight allows you plenty of time for sleep.

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That is, until you arrive at your seat and find it's a middle, located directly behind a crying baby and in between a businessman who needs to get up 17 minutes and a woman who feels the need to keep her tray table down for the entirely of the flight.

So tell me again about that sleep you'll be getting.

Sure, this is an extreme scenario, but it does happen. However, with some careful planning, a couple clever hacks, and a few veteran tips, your flight could be a lot more enjoyable and full of slumber. Here are ten tips that will help you catch some Z's at 40,000 feet.