10 Destinations You Can't Travel To — Because They Exist Only In Song

It's a scientific fact that almost everything is better in song form. Singing about even the most insignificant aspects of life can make for good listening, and music can take already enjoyable things and improve them further. However, there are no laws against completely making stuff up in lyrics, so don't get too excited about anything you hear in a tune.

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Take locations for instance. Did you know the eponymous establishments from songs like "Hotel California" and "Heartbreak Hotel" don't actually exist? They're apparently metaphorical. In fact, that's the case with a lot of places mentioned in music, and others are completely made up altogether. For this article, we examined both of these situations, but shunned the smaller fictional destinations in favor of countries, cities (or sections of cities), and major topographical features.

It's worth mentioning that not all examples are cut and dry. For instance, China Grove (subject of the Doobie Brothers' song of the same name) actually does exist, and is "down around San Antone," but singer/songwriter Tom Johnston simply forgot it was real when penning the song. Other examples, like The Beatles' "Penny Lane," are actually based on real places — even if the lyrics aren't accurate descriptions of them.

In the end, we narrowed our list down to 10 classic songs that prominently feature locations in the titles or choruses. Although most of these settings sound appealing (but not all of them), don't attempt to book a trip to any to witness musical history firsthand, since they only exist in the imaginations of the artists and fans.