The 10 Craziest Things You Should Do On Your Next Trip To Hawaii

Even though it's part of the good ol' USA, Hawaii possesses the magical feeling of being part of an exotic, faraway land — most likely due to the fact that it's pretty damn exotic and far away, relatively speaking. Almost the whole state is made up of coastline, the weather is always beautiful, the cuisine is unique and delicious, and the place even has its own language. (No worries, they still speak English.)

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This makes Hawaii one of just a few places in the United States where people feel more willing to do something out of the ordinary, thrilling, or breathtaking in one regard or another. We previously brought you the 10 Craziest Things You Can Do on Your Next Trip to Las Vegas, and it only seemed fitting to do a similar list for America's 50th state.

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However, there's one noticeable difference between this list and the Vegas one: every activity here is outside. It's Hawaii, after all; if you're indoors, you're missing all the best parts. So grab your hiking shoes, swimsuit, sunglasses (fair warning: you'll look pretty cool doing most of these things), and sense of adventure, because here are the 10 craziest things to do in Hawaii.