Travel Tips to Improve Your Summer Flights

Learn how to maximize your boozing and snacking in the air
Wikimedia Commons

One of the many perks of summertime has to be the vacations that come with it—the traveling, not so much. Thanks to the ever-informative Buzzfeed, we now have a few extra tips on how to make your summer days spent at the airport a little more bearable.

While having to pay those extra few dollars for alcohol on flights within the country is definitely a pain, if you are travelling internationally this summer don’t worry about packing the extra cash—most international flights serve free alcohol! If that’s not a reason to update your passport this summer, we don’t know what is.

Also, if you’re really worried about not being able to booze it up during your flight, you can bring alcohol onto the plane as long as it is in a bottle 3.4 oz. or smaller (so either empty out those mini shampoo bottles or hit up the mini fridge before takeoff).

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It also doesn’t hurt to learn the flight staff lingo. If your crumb crunchers (kids) are being too rowdy or you’re being part of the annoying gate lice (people who lurk at the boarding entrance), your airline attendants might not be so willing to make sure you get your flight snacks—and everyone knows the pretzel bags are the best part of flying.