Travel Photo of the Day: Trdelnik

These sweet pastries are common in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A street vendor prepares piping hot trdelnik.

A common pastry known for wafting cinnamon and sugar smells through the streets of Czech Republic and Slovakia is the trdelnik: cylindrical dough wrapped around a stick and then roasted over an open flame.

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When ready and still hot, the pastries are dusted with a cinnamon sugar. Not only does this create an intoxicating aroma, but it gives the coil a sweet external crunch.

These simple sweets are easily found at street stands throughout both countries, but not all are freshly baked. If you’re wanting to sample, be sure to find a vendor that sells trdelnik fresh off the skewer — warm and aromatic, it’s when they’re at their best.

Wanting to try this sweet pastry but not heading to the Czech Republic or Slovakia anytime soon? Check out our recipe.

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