Travel Photo of the Day: Thailand’s Floating Markets

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For tourists (and locals), floating markets offer a variety of local foods
Floating Market

Floating Market

Although they’re mainly tourist attractions these days, floating markets are vibrant sights throughout Southeast Asia that date back to when traveling by boat was more common. They’re in various spots around Asia, but some of the better known ones navigate the streets of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand (pictured above).

The food aboard these floating booths varies: tropical produce (including lemongrass, cumquats, and opo squash), fresh coconut water, and even food prepared in onboard kitchens. To be expected, though, not all markets are created equally. If the food is your top priority, make sure to plan ahead if you want to find the local delicacies. In some cases, it may also be possible to rent your own boat to browse in between the other vendors.

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