Travel Photo of the Day: Tamagoyaki

This dish is common in bento boxes

Some serve tamagoyaki for a traditional Japanese-style breakfast.

I recently sat down with award-winning chef Andrea Reusing of Chapel Hill, N.C.’s Lantern Restaurant to talk about how her travels inspire her cooking. When asked about her favorite kitchen souvenir, she mentioned "a copper pan for making tamagoyaki that I bought in Japan." I don’t know about you, but I had to do some research to learn what "tamagoyaki" actually is (especially if it requires a special pan).

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Tamagoyaki is a sweet omelette that’s a "bento box staple" and popular sushi topping in Japan. Although some might argue that a special pan is not essential, anyone preparing this dish should take care to make sure that their omelette has an adequate thickness.

There are slight variations of this typically sweet dish; added dashi (a stock made from kelp and bonito flakes) is a typical example.

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