Travel Photo of the Day: Meringues in France

Meringues are a common sight in French pastry shops

A crisp surface encases the soft and airy interior of a traditional French meringue.

If you’ve ever visited a bakery in France, then chances are you’ve seen the cloudlike confection known as a cooked meringue. They’re sold in a variety of shapes in sizes depending on their use; some are snacks in and of themselves, while others enhance other dessert dishes.

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In their most basic form, classic French meringues are made by whipping egg whites, sugar, acid, and salt. The French are not the only ones with a meringue recipe, however. Instead of incorporating granulated sugar into their traditional recipe, the Italians create a sugar syrup to whip with the egg whites which allows for a more stable final product.  

No matter your preference, the pastry is considered to be a delicacy in France, and even inspires entire shops dedicated to only selling la meringue.

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