Travel Photo of the Day: Lamingtons in Australia

The invention of the traditional Lamington was actually a mistake


If Australians had an official cake, it would probably be the Lamington. Small sponge cake cubes dipped in icing and rolled in shredded coconut, Lamingtons are often found in bakeries and homes across the country.

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As the story goes, the modern Lamington tradition is actually accidental. The maid-servant of Lord Lamington, the eighth Governor of Queensland in 1901, reportedly dropped the Lord’s favorite sponge cake into melted chocolate. Lord Lamington suggested that she dip the cake in coconut so that the dessert would not be wasted and it would be less messy to eat. Not only was the delicious result unintentional, but also extremely influential!

Although the traditional Lamington comes with chocolate, they can also easily be made with other flavors (like passion fruit, as seen above). 

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