Travel Photo of the Day: Kebbeh in Lebanon

There are several ways to taste Lebanon’s national dish

Kebbeh can be eaten raw, baked, and fried.

The national dish of Lebanon is kebbeh, or a mix of minced lamb, burghul (cracked wheat), and spices. This is no one way to eat it, though. Instead, there are multiple preparations that vary depending on preference.

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Traditionally, kebbeh (also spelled kibbeh) can be served raw à la steak tartare. It can also be baked (known as kibbeh bil sayneeye) and fried (kibbeh krass).

This last variation, which is also pictured above, usually requires forming the meat mixture into small hollow balls before being stuffed with a traditional filling of cooked meat and pine nuts.

Making kebbeh is not an easy task, so it’s traditionally reserved for holidays, festivals, and special family dinners.

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