Travel Photo of the Day: Jiaozi

Chinese dumplings are an important holiday dish

Jiaozi are generally served with vinegar, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic oil, and chili oil.

A popular Chinese holiday dish is jiaozi, or a Chinese dumpling. Jiaozi are typically either steamed or fried and usually come stuffed with either vegetable or meat fillings. However, since China is a large country with many different cultural practices, there is no definitive way to make jiaozi — its preparation can determined by a mix of tradition and personal taste.

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There are several folktales and traditions linked to the dumpling, but it is perhaps best known for its association with them Lunar New Year. According to legend, the dumpling resembles an ancient form of money once used in China, so people chose to eat it in hopes of connoting "their wishes for good fortune in the new year."  

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