Travel Photo of the Day: Flowering Tea From China

These teas are stimulating to the eyes, as well as the palate

Flowering Tea

Most often, I think of teas as having pleasurable aromas and tastes. Depending on the tea, though, it can also be visually appealing, too. Perhaps the most elegant examples of teas that are pleasing to the eye are flowering (or blooming) teas.

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Flowering teas actually include both tea leaves and flowers like globe amaranth, marigold, lily, jasmine, osmanthus, and carnation. The flower(s) are carefully encased inside a sheath of tea leaves in a way that will unfold into "artful shapes when brewed."

You might think that it goes without mention, but if you’re trying this tea, be sure to use a glass pot or else you’ll miss out on a major element of the experience!

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