Travel Photo of the Day: Fava Beans

Fava beans are a spring legume

Fava beans

Most Americans have been slow to embrace the fava bean, but in many areas of the world, these spring legumes are a staple of traditional cuisines.

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These thumb-tip size ingredients (also called Windsor beans, English beans, horse beans, and pigeon beans) are prominent in Asian, Middle Eastern, South American, North African, and European cuisines. In fact, these were the only beans that Europeans ate before colonizing the Americas. 

Pale green favas are increasingly found at farmers' markets and grocery stores in the States. They’re known for their "buttery texture, slight bitterness and… nutty flavor." They’re also known as being a somewhat labor-intensive ingredient; before they are ready to eat, beans must be removed from the pods and then blanched to loosen the beans’ outer skin.

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