Travel and Dining Blogs: A Meal at Seattle's Pok Pok and More

In today's Link Love, superb Thai food, grocery shopping in Taipei, and more stories from food blogs you should read

Boar Collar Meat

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• Reinvented and grown-up Thai Food, in hyped-up Portland restaurant Pok Pok (above, right). [Pastry Prose]

• Wander around an outdoor market in Taipei. [I Want to Eat Something Delicious]

• Ramen and ice cream in a new Chicago establishment, Slurping Turtle. [I Like to Eat]

• Foldable rainboots to pack on all your culinary adventures. [A Cup of Jo]

• Major food porn at Seattle's Canlis restaurant, with gorgeous dishes like "dry-aged New York, cauliflower, black trumpet mushrooms." [Seattle Food Geek]

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