Traditional Luxury Comes to Wearable Tech With the New Hermès Apple Watch

From by Marissa Stempien
Traditional Luxury Comes to Wearable Tech With the New Hermès Apple Watch

While everyone was buzzing this morning about the new Apple iPhone 6S, we were focused on the announcement they had just made about the Apple Watch. It seems that Apple and Hermès are teaming up to bring us a better, and even more stylish, wearable. If you’ve been on the fence about the Apple Watch, this latest partnership will probably convince you to plunk down your American Express, especially if you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to timepieces. The Hermès Apple Watch collection will include three new straps, a custom watch face and a series of handmade French leather bands.

Herm?s Apple Watch

The new collaboration will include three straps: the double tour, a twice wrap-around leather band, the single tour, a simple leather strap, and the cuff, an equestrian-inspired strap. The single tour strap is available with the 38mm or 42mm watch face and comes in brown and black. The double tour is available for the 38mm watch and will come in four colors including brown, red, black and blue. Lastly, the cuff strap is available exclusively for the 42mm watch face and only comes in brown leather. The Apple Watch itself is getting a few upgrades like new metal shades, apps and accessories. There will be new rose gold and yellow gold Apple Watch Sport models (that mimic the look of the Apple Watch Edition for a smaller price point) and a collection of new color and leather straps.

The Hermès Apple Watches are expected to hit retail stores starting in October at both Apple and Hermès retail locations. The watch is priced from $1,100 to $1,500.

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