Toy Story Mania! (トイ・ストーリー・マニア!)

Row 1

舞浜1-1 (東京ディズニーシー アメリカンウォーターフロント)
浦安市, 279-0031

Foursquare Tips

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  • Don't even bother trying to get a FastPass. We were here before the park even opened and unless you were camping out, the FastPass line will be longer than the actual ride line.
  • WTF 180min queue? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
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  • 15fast pass4
  • It's probably more fun to play a real video game.
  • My new favorite in Disney sea! A cute shooting game of toy story. Can really have fun here and compete with your friend! But you might need to wait for 2 hours to get in if you don't get fast pass.
  • Get a fast pass first thing as queues can go up to 3 hours for this. It is not worth a 3 hour queue!
  • if you want to get on this ride, you have to be here at the very start of the day to get a fast pass!
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  • 10
  • Save this for the last ride if possible. The queue will make you go crazy.
  • 16150
  • 150 min wait! The trick is to buy your churros drinks snacks sandwiches and have your dinner while you wait. There are lots of bins along the way to throw your trash. And once is not enough!!
  • 1 round is not enough to play!!!
  • **
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