TOY Restaurant is an Adult Playground Serving Good Food With a Side of Nightlife

Don’t let the name, TOY, fool you.

The shrimp toast is recreated in the form of a cigar, the dumplings come dunked in an unexpected soy ginger sauce, and the bok choy is served with a garlic confit and crispy tofu mix. I’m particularly fond of savory and spicy flavors and was pleasantly surprised that most dishes I tried suited my palette extremely well. On more than one occasion during the course of my dinner, I scraped the plate, sauce and all, clean. In addition to unique and modern twists on Chinese cuisine, TOY also serves a variety of more authentic dishes and fresh seafood. Their extensive sushi menu features special house created rolls as well as traditional sushi and sashimi.

The restaurant offers an impressive range of raw options from their oyster bar as well as Carpaccio and salads. Of particular note is their Singapore 18 Vegetable Salad, which my guest, who lived in Singapore for five years, vouched to be right on par with the salads he used to eat. By the time I finished my meal, the lights had dimmed a couple of shades and the space was filling up with more partygoers than diners. The bouncer who seemed pretty relaxed at the time I rolled in was clearly gearing up for the club portion of the evening. If you came here for dinner, you might as well lounge around for a few cocktails (try the Magic 8) before heading upstairs to join the party people. 

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