Town of Monument

Foursquare Tips

  • A peaceful little mountain community not destroyed by liberal do-gooders and their anti American, progressive, elitist policies.
  • What side of the highway you live on does not determine your social status.
  • Bring your own entertainment ; nothing to do here
  • Monument hill can be nasty in the snow, but beautiful.
  • The Church at Woodmoor has a fun pastor ;)
  • Trails, mountains, parks, woods. What more do you want from these people?!
  • Small and uncrowded.
  • So many great little shops. Not a lot of food options but Casa fiesta and coffee cup are good solid choices.
  • Lots of cool, locally owned restaurants hidden here and there.
  • The place you pass on your way to or from Denver.
  • Cops don't investigate homicide, the main focus is quick cash. Long story short, watch out for cops while driving,especially leaving any restaurant that has a liquor license.
  • great little area, not much to do recreationally, but a fine place to live, with great education, and great people. Upper~Middle~Class ftw.
  • Take your dog up Mt Herman.Trail head around back
  • If it snows its always twice as bad in monument. Be careful
  • Colorado Home Group for Monument real estate. 719-685-8300
  • skate park = so-so
  • I love the beautiful tea
  • Awesome place to live!