British Tourists Ask Their Embassies for Help with the Weirdest Things

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Restaurant and romance help is the least of it
United Kingdom Passport

United Kingdom Passport

When Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the U.K.'s plans to help diplomat response in foreign countries on Wednesday, he also spilled a couple interesting tidbits about what crazy calls the U.K. foreign embassies get.

Not only do travelling Brits call them for help with ants in a Florida rental home, but they even call for Christmas lunch recommendations in Spain, help with erecting a chicken coop in Greece, and directions after satellite navigation systems fail, the AP reports.

"Our commitment to good relations with our neighbors does not, I am afraid, extend to translating 'I love you' into Hungarian, as we were asked to do by one love-struck British tourist," Hague said.

Sigh. It seems true love is just another "ludicrous request" for the British government.