Tortas Neza

Food Truck, Mexican, Tacos
111-03 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11368
(718) 505-2121


  • Taco and torta truck home to some of the city's best carnitas and gargantuan Mexican sandwiches.
  • Fresh homemade jamaica juice and tasty tortas. The owners are good, friendly folks too. No complaints..
  • Can currently be found at Juan Bar (Roosevelt, east of Junction, north side)
  • I am obsessed with the lengua - it's simmered just like corned beef or pastrami. Get whatever is stewing on the grill, and try his amazing salsas.
  • Lengua tacos is my new favorite... Of all-time
  • Great food... you can't go wrong with any torta, but please have the Torta Puma... you can thank me later.
  • Get the Torta Chivasa.k.a. the best breakfast sandwich ever. Its a towering stack of 3 eggs, chorizo, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mild cheese, sandwiched in a fluffy roll & finished on the grill.
  • Open 1pm till 1am every least until it's sold out!
  • Super fresh football-sized tortas. Fantastic carnitas tacos too.
  • The tortas are humongous! They can easily feed 3 people.
  • Seriously good tortas, and the guy behind the counter is super nice and clearly very proud of his craft
  • It was cool good fresh taste to it