Torre di Pisa

Landmark, Historic Site
Piazza del Duomo (Piazza dei Miracoli)
Pisa, Toscana 56126


  • Did you know that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was originally constructed as a bell tower?
  • I proposed to my girlfriend here. Don't do the same because we broke up 4 months later.
  • The best Tower in Pisa ;-P
  • Come on, aren't you posing for a "Pisa Pusher" photo? It started leaning soon after it was built on marshy ground. Discover what's beyond the Leaning Tower:
  • Don't forget to come back at dark to see it under electric white light!
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  • Don't take a pic of the tower. Climb it and take a picture of the people and buildings below.
  • Smaller than I expect! But still amazing
  • Pisa: A city famous for one thing... its leaning tower!
  • don't forget to take that cheesy picture where it looks like you're holding the tower up from falling. everyone does it! lol
  • 18 entrance fee is just as steep as the lean.
  • La Torre di Pisa es el campanario de la Catedral de Pisa. Construida para que permaneciera en posicin vertical pero comenz a inclinarse tan pronto como se inici su construccin en agosto de 1173.
  • You didn't travel all the way here just to take a cheesy photo! Climb the tower, see the cathedral and museum it's well worth an additional few euro.
  • Mind the tower, it could drop!
  • Une magnifique dcouverte. De toute beaut.
  • Don't only visit the tower, go inside the city too! It's worth it!
  • Awesome view, but if u come, u will have a little disappointed because Pisa leaning tower is small, if u want to go inside tower, must pay 18e, too expensive
  • A me pare storta...
  • The Tower of Pisa is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the city of Pisa. It is situated behind the Cathedral and is the third oldest structure in Pisa's Cathedral Square.
  • Don't wear slippery shoes...