Toronto Blue Jays Create Peanut-Free Zone

Toronto Blue Jays Create Peanut-Free Zone

With food allergies becoming more and more common, allergen-controlled seating could become a necessity for stadiums and other large-scale event venues. The Toronto Blue Jays baseball club is trying out the idea this season, reserving a "peanut-free" section for three games.


Peanuts and other nuts will still be available in the rest of the stadium, but not allowed in the special section, which The Huffington Post reports will be in the outfield seats in right field at the 200 level.


The Blue Jays say they hope to offer the special section again in future seasons if all goes well during this trial.


Rogers Center, however, is quick to point out that the area will merely be peanut controlled, not necessarily peanut-free. The stadium is an open-air facility, so allergens could blow in or out of the area. The Blue Jays say they can’t actually guarantee the absence of nuts, nut particles, or nut residue.


Tickets for the peanut-free zone will only be available to allergy sufferers and their friends and family, which raises the question as to whether or not people will start faking allergies to gain access to reserved seats at sporting events.