Top Food Bloggers Spill Their Holiday Recipes

We asked the top mom food bloggers, "What is your most cherished family holiday recipe?"

Our top 100 mom food bloggers can take care of the kids, work a nine-to-five job, and whip up a mean soufflé. They are masters of the kitchen and the household, creators of cookies, packers of lunches, fixers of food fails. And perhaps best of all: They share their secrets with us each day on their blogs!

Babble asked them for a few more “secrets” — recipes and cooking tips — and we’ll be running a new set of responses from them each month. For November, we asked each blogger to share their most cherished family holiday recipe — our mouths are watering just thinking of these delicious dishes and desserts. Check back next month when the top 100 tell us how they fix food disasters!

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