Top Budget Attractions In Denver

Top Budget Attractions In Denver

Denver Microbrew Tour(credit: Denver Microbrew Tour)

Whether you are visiting the Mile High City or you have just moved here and you are looking for some different things to do, Denver has you covered. There are lots of great ways to enjoy the area without spending a fortune. From free tours to spending a few bucks on a fun walking tour to checking out all of the historic sites, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your backpack, put on some comfortable shoes and head out to any of these fun activities in the Denver area. You’ll learn so much about this historic city without breaking the bank.

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave
987 1/2 Lookout Mountain Road
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 526-0744

Take a short drive west of Denver for a step back in time to the days of Buffalo Bill Cody. This museum and grave is packed with fascinating information and exhibitions relating to his life from 1846 to 1917. Browse through the artifacts in the museum and learn all about the life and times of Buffalo Bill, then head over to the observation deck and check out some of the most incredible views of Denver, the Rocky Mountain Front Range and the surrounding area. Then take a short one-mile trail from the museum to Cody’s gravesite. The hike is on the easy side, but you’ll still want to wear appropriate shoes and bring some water with you. There is also an on-site café so you can have a bite to eat after your hike, before you start your drive home.

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tour
5735 N. Washington St
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 333-5588

One of the most popular tours in Denver is the tour of the historic Hammond’s Candies Factory. The free tour takes you on a trip back in time through Colorado history along with a little science about candy making and lots of fun information about candy history. You’ll see how candy canes, ribbon candy and lollipops are made, and you’ll see the pulling, twisting and hand-shaping in action. Then stop by the store and load up on all of the delicious candy you just saw being made. It’s a very fun tour for candy lovers of all ages.

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Colorado State Capitol
200 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 866-2604

This beautiful building is an icon of the state of Colorado, so you’ll definitely want to spend some time visiting. You can stand on the steps at exactly one mile above sea level, then head in for one of the three different tours available. The historical tour will take you through information about Colorado history, the construction of the capitol and you’ll get to stop by the Senate and House of Representatives chambers. Or take the Mr. Brown’s Attic/Dome Walk, where you can get a more in-depth look at Colorado history or enjoy the interactive children’s area. This tour does include a 99-step climb up to the observation area, so be ready for that walk as well. The third type of tour offered is the Legislative Tour, which is designed specifically for school groups to get a chance to meet with a lawmaker and learn more about the legislative process. All tours are free, so you can set up the one that works best for you.

Children’s Museum of Denver
2121 Children’s Museum Drive
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-7444

If you are traveling to Denver with kids, or if you live in the area and haven’t checked out this awesome museum yet, then what are you waiting for? The Children’s Museum of Denver is the best, most interactive museum for kids to get lost in a world of science, nature, education and lots of fun exhibits. Even the adults will have a great time watching and helping the kids perform their own wacky science experiments and check out the different exhibits. There is so much to do, climb on, dive into and enjoy that you may need more than one day to do it all. The best part is that this museum is really quite affordable, so you probably can head back for a couple of days here.

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Denver Microbrew Tour
(303) 578-9548

This is the most expensive attraction on this list but for beer lovers, it will be worth every penny. Denver is known as one of the microbrewery capitols of the country, so it makes perfect sense to take some time to explore all of the different breweries in the area. This tour is a guided one and a half-mile stroll through the Lower Downtown and Ballpark neighborhoods in Denver. You’ll visit several microbreweries and you’ll get a sample at each stop, plus a pint of your choice at the end of the tour. Along the way, you’ll enjoy lots of interactive beer trivia, Denver history and more.

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