Top 5 Ways to Make Your Next Catering Toronto Meal Healthy

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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Next Catering Toronto Meal Healthy

It is important to be as diverse as possible when attempting to cater to the individual needs of those attending your Toronto catered affair. This means making the meal as healthy as possible for them in most cases today. Many find themselves at a difficult point while trying to maintain a healthy meal while remaining taste indulgent. This no longer has to be the case, for there are a great deal of ways to cross this barrier without sacrificing the overall taste and enjoyment of those partaking of the catered affair. Keep reading to find out the top 5 ways to ensure that your next catering in Toronto will be a healthy and enjoyable one.



1. Set up a Rich Salad Bar for Your Guests

Make available an assortment of bright and tasty fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, leafy greens, ripe red tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms. Make sure to include any other healthy fruits or vegetables that you think your guests may enjoy. Slice fruits, such as oranges, apples or melon to add variety to the mix as well. Many guests that are dead set on eating only the healthiest of foods will be likely to make their entire meal consist of the foods provided in this area. These types of food also incorporate essential vitamins into the diet of those eating as well, such as A and C, fiber, potassium and iron. These are all essential for a healthy diet and recognized worldwide for their ability to promote a healthy diet.


2. Choose Only the Leanest Cuts of Meat

Select chicken breasts that have had the skin removed from them, for the skin contains the fatty material within the bird. Selecting sirloin or round cuts of beef also eliminates a considerable amount of fat from within the meat material being served, which also cuts down on the guest's fat intake throughout the affair. Although these leaner cuts of meat are lower in calories and saturated fat, they are still quite high in protein and essentials for a healthy diet. If you plan on hosting a buffet-style catered event, make sure to cut the slices of meat very thin and small, which helps with portion control. If the catered event is a seated ordeal, slice the meats into 3oz servings and provide your guests with them for portion control purposes.


3. Incorporate Whole Grains Into the Foods Being Served

Make sure that your guests are given the option to partake of whole wheat bread products when given the opportunity. This allows for added health benefits and reduced carbohydrates that come with some other types of breads. Be diverse in the types of breads that you offer, but keep in mind that these are the healthiest option. The added levels of fiber and complex carbohydrates are very appealing to those that are health conscience. Even Italian-style sandwiches can have bread substituted with the likes of those made from whole wheat pasta.


4. Cook With Low-Fat Dairy Products Only

Some overlook the ability to significantly reduce the amount of fat contained within a meal by simply using skim milk. This applies especially to baked foods and soups, which are sometimes higher in milk content that other foods. If cooking Mexican or Italian dishes that call for cheeses, make sure to go with a low-fat variety to reduce the calorie content of the foods being prepared. If choosing to prepare sauces or dips, use a low-fat yogurt while preparing them for providing the healthiest option available.


5. Reserve a Spot for Healthy Fats Within the Meal

It is important to provide your guests with healthy fat content to coincide with the other healthy preparations you have made. Instead of cooking with butter, use a canola or olive oil instead where needed. It is also possible to add avocado seeds to the salad bar menu as well to provide them with essential healthy fats. It is also advisable that one consider serving nuts along with a fish entree, instead of red meats all together. These types of fats have been linked to promoting a healthy heart and circulatory system, which keeps the longevity of all your catered Toronto guests at heart as well.