Top 5 Reasons People Love Caribou Coffee

1. Customers rave about the smooth, rich, and bold flavors, whether they picked up a fresh cup from the shop or made one at home­­ — it's all about the bean.


2. Want to stay awhile? At Caribou you can always find a comfy seat, relax in the rustic setting, enjoy free Wi-Fi and good music (which they take very seriously with playlists that include singer-songwriters and independent artists).  Caribou even has private meeting rooms that come complete with 6-18 seats and a dry-erase board. In a rush, or in your pajamas? They have drive-thru too!


3. The menu offers a lot, but isn't overwhelming. It's all about keeping it simple with the classic coffee and teas, specialty/seasonal favorites, cooling blended beverages, refreshing juices, and kid's drinks.


4. Four words: Sausage Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

(Flickr/Charleston's TheDigitel)

5. It is not Starbucks! For those who can't stand the green mermaid and her brew, Caribou happens to be the second largest coffee shop franchise in the country (behind Starbucks, of course).

(Flickr/Teresa Boardman)